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Image Credit: Image by Bruce Damer, via DALL-E

A Psychedelic Journey to the Origin of Life

Our founder Dr. Bruce Damer is living proof that psychedelics—in tandem with mindfulness practices—can play an important role in scientific research and discovery. 

After decades of pondering the origins of life on Earth, sitting with ayahuasca unlocked new insights and questions in Bruce’s mind that he was later able to synthesize into a practical, testable hypothesis. 

Bruce’s revolutionary hot spring hypothesis (occurring in wet/dry cycles, rather than in the depths of Darwin’s “warm little pond”) is now widely cited and accepted within the scientific community. It wasn’t until after he published his findings in Astrobiology and Scientific American that he finally “came out of the psychedelic closet” in 2022. (Big thanks to Dennis McKenna and his ESPD ’55 conference.) 

Bruce’s full retelling of his psychedelic-scientific journey is now available on Lucid News. It’ll be released in two parts, so please be sure to follow/subscribe to Lucid to read the second part once it’s live. 

And do let us know if this resonates with you. If you’ve ever used psychedelics as tools for discovery, please fill out our survey.

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