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Psychedelics in Science and the Origin of Life

Bruce recently traveled to Turkey for this summer’s Harvest Series to give a talk and meet with fellow intellectuals, leaders, artists, and psychonauts—including Amanda Fielding, Esther Perel, Jamie Wheal, Andrew Weil, and more. 

Recorded on the beach at Kaplankaya, Bruce sat with Pablos Holman to share his story on The Deep Future Podcast. Together, they get into: 

  • Research into the origin of life and the hot spring hypothesis
  • Birth stories, adoption, and healing
  • The rising anecdotes of psychedelic-assisted creativity 
  • Microdosing and the need for proper research 
  • Inspiration and focus 
  • Marrying the endogenous and exogenous 


Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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