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for Humanity's Greatest Challenges

M.I.N.D.S. - Multidisciplinary Investigation into Novel Discoveries & Solutions

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our hypothesis

Psychedelics may be our greatest underutilized tool for sparking paradigm-shifting breakthroughs.

Based on historic and growing contemporary evidence, we believe that consciousness practices paired with psychedelic exploration can help a new generation of ‘solutionists’ catalyze transformative insights and innovations into realized products and services that can bridge our species and planet into a flourishing and brilliant future.

The Center for Multidisciplinary Investigation into Novel Discoveries & Solutions

We're harnessing the power of consciousness practices and psychedelics to drive innovative solutions in science, engineering, and beyond. We believe that the next frontier of psychedelics will be focused on solving some of the world's most pressing problems.

Our work

fueling groundbreaking research to create new protocols for conscious innovation

Advancing Research

We collect intelligence and sponsor studies with world-class scientific groups to test and validate the use of consciousness practices, including psychedelics, as a path for creative problem-solving.

Public Education

We aim to advance the public conversation on psychedelics and creative problem solving with multimedia productions, mixing science and pop-culture to put this discourse in the zeitgeist.


We aspire to cultivate a community of practice and support for a new generation of solutionists, providing training and guidance through the MINDS Academy and Mentorship Program.

It's high time for science

A seminal presentation by our founder Dr. Bruce Damer